What's New

Benifits To Card holder

  • A unique identification no. for each holder.
  • Proves an guarantee to identity.
  • Can avail special shopping discounts at retail outlets registered with Jio pan India.
  • Avail discounts on Medical bills from selected outlets and doctors on panel charge their minimum fees.
  • Social help from the Community to the community in different ways.

Benifits To the Community

  • Helps build actual Census report.
  • Expansion in “Circle of trust”.
  • Brings more people to join.

Future benifits

  • Credit rating for commercial world
  • Loyalty Card Programmes
  • Insurance premium discount
  • It will work as the biggest cause for the community “Sadharmik Bhakti”


  • Auction 1

  • JIO Super Top Up - September 2020-2021

  • Policy Servicing - JAIN SWASTHYA BIMA YOJANA RENEWAL / NEW POLICY (2020-2021)

  • iphone6s

  • 50% OFF on iPhones !!!!

Medication Benifits

  • Hospitalisation
  • Medicine at Discounts
  • Medical checkup at discount
  • Hospitalisation discount


  • Accident Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mediclaim Policy
  • Car Insurance

Smart Saving Schemes

  • Spending at privileged malls
  • Spending at privileged shops
  • Dinning at privileged restaurants